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Why Do Custom Window Treatments Aid Sleep?

Did you know that approximately 30% of Americans have chronic insomnia? While numerous aspects contribute to a better night’s sleep, one of them is the quantity of light entering your bedroom as you sleep. Even when you’re sleeping, your body may recognise light and signal to you that it’s time to wake up. Light interference during sleeping not only makes it difficult to sleep but can also have significant health repercussions. 

Isn’t that what makes choosing the best bedroom window treatments in NYC so critical?  While bespoke window treatments will not make your bed comfier, they will make your room more comfortable, which will lead to better sleep. This is how it works:

##Conserve your privacy.

To fall and stay asleep, you must feel safe and secure in your own house. It can be tough to enter that condition if you sleep in a room with window treatments NYC your neighbours or passers-by can see through. Installing thick, non-transparent window treatments in your bedroom will provide you with the peace of mind you require to sleep well night after night. So, gives you the peace of mind you require to sleep soundly night after night.

window blinds NYC

##Suppress light

While some people are more sensitive to light than others, nearly any light level can cause sleep disruption. Without suitable custom window treatments, passing automobiles and their headlights, as well as automatic street lights, emergency vehicle lights, flood lights, and security lights, may wake you up numerous times during the night. Furthermore, the morning sun may wake you up, which is excellent if you’re a natural early riser, but it can set you up for a day of lethargy and fatigue if you need to sleep in. Blocking the sun’s rays with blinds and shades allows you to sleep longer and wake up feeling alert and rejuvenated.

##Maintain a more pleasant temperature in your bedroom.

It is critical to maintaining a consistent and cool temperature in your bedroom at night. On the other hand, Drafts from windows might make it difficult to maintain a pleasant temperature from the time you go to sleep until you need to wake up. Having the correct window treatments in your bedroom offers an extra layer of insulation, making it easier to keep it warm, neutral tones like white, beige, and light grey that visually flow with the rest of your design when selecting your window treatment.

Winding up,

Sleep hygiene is a concept that refers to good habits that will help you sleep better at night. Do you have problems with excessive light control, outside noise, or hot temperatures? These could be the reasons you aren’t getting enough sleep. So, selecting window treatments NYC creates the ideal environment for a peaceful night’s sleep. Many people do not consider it, but there are numerous factors to consider when selecting custom window treatments. Remember to pay close attention to the proportions of the area before selecting a colour and pattern that complements your existing decor.

Source:How Can New Window Treatments Help You Sleep Better?


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