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Window Treatment Trends To Follow

Window treatment is an important aspect of every home. We all have different requirements that we want to address when it comes to window treatment. For some, it could be privacy; for others, it could be light control and more. One of the best ways to address multiple requirements is by opting for custom window treatments

You can also look out for the trending window treatments NYC around that you can incorporate into your home. Some such treading window treatments are listed below. 

  • Go Natural With Woven Wood Shades

The use of natural fibres has become a major design trend in recent years, with rattan, rattan and rattan furniture dominating the interior. And now, that beautiful organic aesthetic has permeated our windows. Woven wooden shades are handcrafted from natural materials such as grass, bamboo and reeds to create unique textiles that beautifully filter incoming light. 

Woven wood shades, available in a variety of natural stain colours and intricately woven patterns, are a perfect complement to other wood-coloured furniture and materials to help create a cohesive look. In bedrooms and other spaces that benefit from room shading options, natural fibre shades with an optional shading liner are available.

  • Motorized Blinds And Smart Blinds

Window treatments are only beneficial when used properly. If you’re not at home at the right time to open and close them, they may not offer as much convenience as you might think. For example, let’s say you go to work early in the morning. There are two options. Either keep the treatment open all day or keep it closed all day to block the sunlight that warms the house. With electric processing, you don’t have to make a choice. Homeowners can now program treatments to open in the morning and close as soon as the sun sets (or vice versa).

custom window treatments
  • Busy Patterned Drapes

The days of flashy curtains that decorate all the windows of a house are over. Instead, homeowners and interior designers are choosing a more modern, lighter, and more airy look across the house. The refreshing white shutters and luxurious drapes make every room feel more attractive without creating the busy look found in dusty old drapes.

  • Layered-Up Look

There are also more and more layers of wearing windows in modern homes to create an interesting and cosy atmosphere in the space. It is especially popular in the living room and bedroom, where it promotes a comfortable mood and allows for maximum relaxation. Try adding blackout blinds behind the plantation shutters for ultimate privacy, or add some sophisticated curtain panels to the blinds to enhance your style.

  • Energy-Efficient Options

Saving energy is high on the list of many homeowners, and what is a better way to help than window treatments NYC? About 30% of the energy in the house is lost from the windows, so choose a better and more efficient window covering and fix it. By taking in cold air, blocking it, reducing the risk of air conditioning over time, and choosing energy-efficient window treatments, you can prevent your belongings from fading in the sun. Plantation blinds, shades, and light filtering shades are ideal for sunny areas of the house.

Source:What Are The Window Treatment Trends You Must Consider?


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