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An Expert Guide on How to Choose Window Blinds For Your Home

The best window blinds at the shade store NYC are the ones that do what you need them to do. If privacy is an issue, you might want a set of blackout shades. These will block out light and prevent people from peering into your home.

If you’re looking for something more subtle, try light-filtering or sheer shades instead. The main difference between these types of blinds is how they filter light: while light-filtering shades can block out sunlight entirely, sheer shades allow some rays to pass through while still preserving your privacy.

Cellular shades are another option for those who want their windows covered without sacrificing natural light entirely–they look more like curtains than traditional window coverings because they’re made with small pockets of air rather than fabric material.

  • Light-filtering blinds

Light-filtering blinds are perfect for those who want to let in some light while keeping out the heat. This type of blind is available at the shade store NYC in fabric or wood and can be found in a range of colors, styles and patterns.

They are particularly suitable if you have children or pets at home as they allow light to filter through but keep out dust and dirt particles.

  • Blackout blinds

Blackout window blinds NYC is another option that is best used in bedrooms and living rooms. These shades are made of a thick fabric that blocks out all light and can be used to keep your home as dark as possible for sleeping.

Blackout blinds are also great for blocking out noise since they’re thicker than other types of window coverings, such as sheers or blinds. Finally, blackout blinds provide privacy by fully covering the window frame so no one can see in from outside the house.

The main drawback to blackout window blinds NYC is that they limit your ability to see outside when they’re closed; however, most people don’t require this particular feature when it comes to their homes because most modern homes have windows facing streets or other public spaces where it’s not necessary for occupants to look outside them at all times (unless there are children playing nearby).

shade store NYC
  • Sheer shades allow you to control light and privacy.

If you have a room that has many windows, sheers are a great option. By choosing a window covering that will let light in but also give you the ability to control the amount of light and privacy, you’re getting an improved feeling of spaciousness.

This is especially true if there are multiple rooms that share one window, as it allows each room to have its own ambiance and purpose without affecting other spaces.

  • Cellular shades

Cellular shades are made from pleated fabric with a light-blocking backing. They’re most effective at blocking out light and heat, making them a good option for rooms that get lots of sunlight.

They’re not as versatile as some other types of window coverings, but they do come in a variety of colors and fabrics, so you’ll be able to find something that matches your home decor.


We hope this article has helped you better understand the different window blind options available. If you’re considering installing new window treatments, now is a great time to start your search—and the shade store NYC can help!


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Urban Window Treatment is one of the prominent companies for various type of Custom Window Treatments NYC across the region. Whether you want to add blinds at your window or need shades for your window everything is available at our company. In our value-added services, we offer different window treatment with our expert suggestion and hassle-free installation. If you want to add a show off at your living room with beautiful and trendy window treatment then we are able to provide a reliable and effective solution. We are here to make you better as per your basic requirement and budget limit.

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